Making Mental Health Accessible

Make mental health accessible for patients

Remove language barrier for immigrants

Empower mental health professionals

Needed Solution

Access to well designed interiors

  • More than 50% of global cases can be resolved or
    managed with access to mental health providers and therapy

  • More than 25% of Canadians in the age group of 18-59 feel anxious, depressed, and engage in binge drinking

Future Proof

AI Powered Solution

  • AI-powered algorithm provides relevant follow-up questions, recommendations and diagnostics

  • Psychologist will see the statistical analysis of patients overall mental state over time

Become Future Proof

O-Lily is an AI powered assistant for all things mental health

Back Office Support

We provide payment processing, insurance submission, matching, scheduling and no-show management



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We are psychologists

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We are making mental health accessible

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Suite of software solutions for mental health providers

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